get rewarded!


matchbox loyalty faqs

$1 = 1 point

125 points = $10 reward

not that you ever need an excuse to eat more pizza…

  • how can i sign up?

    • just click the ‘sign me up’ button at the bottom of the page!

  • does it cost money?

    • nope!

  • what do i get when i sign up?

    • the first time you sign up for matchbox rewards, you automatically receive $10 dollars off your next visit! you also get a free small pizza on your birthday plus first access to our newest specials and fun contests/giveaways.

  • where can i use it?

    • at any matchbox location!

  • how do I gain more rewards?

    • give your server/bartender your phone number or the email associated with your account when you are ready to pay the bill.

  • how do i check how many loyalty points i have?

    • you can check your balance by clicking the ‘check my rewards’ button at the bottom of the page and logging into your account.

  • what if I forget to tell my server about my rewards account?

    • no worries! just email with a copy of your receipt and we will handle it for you!